February 9, 2023

Subtropical Storm Nicole delays SpaceX launch; Artemis 1 rocket stays on pad

November 7, 2022

SpaceX has pushed back the flight of its next Falcon 9 rocket from Tuesday to Saturday as Subtropical Storm Nicole threatens the east coast of Florida, officials said Monday. But NASA is keeping its Artemis 1 moon rocket on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in preparation for a launch attempt next week.

NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket ready for ride back to launch pad

November 3, 2022

After replacing and recharging batteries in the Vehicle Assembly Building, NASA ground teams plan to roll the more than 30-story-tall Space Launch System rocket back to its launch pad early Friday at Kennedy Space Center for another try Nov. 14 to send the Artemis 1 test flight around the moon.

NASA targets Nov. 14 for next Artemis launch attempt

October 13, 2022

The next launch attempt for the NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket is scheduled just after midnight Nov. 14 after a hydrogen leak and Hurricane Ian thwarted tries to launch the unpiloted test flight to the moon in August and September, space agency officials announced this week.

NASA rules out launch of Artemis 1 moon rocket before mid-November

October 1, 2022

NASA said Friday that officials have ruled out launching the agency’s first giant Space Launch System moon rocket and Orion spacecraft before mid-November, following the rocket’s return to the hangar at Kennedy Space Center for safekeeping from Hurricane Ian.

Live updates: NASA reports minimal damage to Kennedy Space Center

September 28, 2022

Watch live views from our cameras at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida as Hurricane Ian moves away from Florida after bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to the Space Coast. NASA moved the Artemis 1 moon rocket back inside the Vehicle Assembly Building on Tuesday, and the agency reported minimal damage from the storm.

Artemis 1 rocket moved to hangar as spaceport completes hurricane preps

September 27, 2022

NASA moved the Space Launch System moon rocket back into its hangar Tuesday to take shelter from Hurricane Ian, likely pushing back the next launch attempt for the agency’s long-delayed Artemis 1 lunar test flight until mid-November as Kennedy Space Center braces for high winds and flooding rains.

Live coverage: NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket rolls back to VAB for hurricane protection

September 27, 2022

NASA rolled the Space Launch System moon rocket back to the Vehicle Assembly Building early Tuesday at the Kennedy Space Center, moving the more than 30-story-tall launcher to safety as Hurricane Ian threatens Florida. The decision to roll the rocket back to the VAB will likely delay launch of the Artemis 1 lunar test flight until November.

Hurricane Ian prompts NASA to move Artemis moon rocket back to its hangar

September 26, 2022

Faced with threatening weather from Hurricane Ian, NASA managers decided Monday to haul the $4.1 billion Artemis 1 rocket off its launch pad and back to the protection of the agency’s Vehicle Assembly Building, likely ending any chance of launching the unpiloted moonshot before November.

NASA waves off Tuesday launch for Artemis moon rocket

September 24, 2022

Faced with stormy weather ahead of soon-to-be Hurricane Ian, NASA managers Saturday ruled out a third attempt to launch the Artemis 1 moon rocket Tuesday but held open the option of making a run at blastoff on October 2, the current backup date.

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