June 29, 2022

ULA’s next launch for Space Force is less than a week away

June 23, 2022

United Launch Alliance teams at Cape Canaveral are in the final week of preparations for the next flight of an Atlas 5 rocket, set for liftoff with two U.S. military technology demonstration satellites June 30, a one-day delay after bad weather held up launch processing.

Atlas 5 rocket and Starliner capsule return to Florida launch pad

May 18, 2022

United Launch Alliance rolled an Atlas 5 rocket to its launch pad Wednesday at Cape Canaveral, moving into the starting position for a critical unpiloted demo flight of Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule.¬†Unlike the first Starliner test flight, the spacecraft’s launch abort system will be armed during the climb to space Thursday.

NASA managers clear Boeing’s Starliner for second try to reach space station

May 11, 2022

NASA officials cleared Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule for launch in a flight readiness review Wednesday, moving a step closer toward a critical unpiloted demonstration flight to attempt docking at the International Space Station and check off other test objectives left unaccomplished on a problem-plagued mission two-and-a-half years ago.

ULA begins stacking Atlas 5 rocket for Boeing’s Starliner test flight

April 21, 2022

Final assembly of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket began Wednesday with the hoisting of a first stage booster onto a mobile launch platform at Cape Canaveral, kicking off a campaign to prepare for liftoff May 19 on a delayed unpiloted test flight of Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule.

Boeing Starliner test flight next on ULA’s launch schedule

March 11, 2022

The U.S. Space Force has postponed a multi-spacecraft mission that was booked to fly on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket in April, moving a redo of a test flight for Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule to the front of the line on ULA’s launch schedule.

GOES-T weather satellite resumes orbit-raising after minor snag

March 10, 2022

A new NOAA weather satellite that launched from Cape Canaveral last week has resumed orbit-raising after the spacecraft aborted its first major post-launch maneuver, moving toward its operational geostationary orbit more than 22,000 miles over the equator.

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