December 15, 2017
Falcon 9

Live coverage: SpaceX cargo launch to International Space Station set for Friday

December 11, 2017

Liftoff of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket powered by a reused first stage booster from Florida’s Space Coast has been rescheduled for Friday at 10:36 a.m. EST (1536 GMT) to allow technicians to complete inspections on the rocket’s second stage fuel system, the company said. The Falcon 9 will blast off from the Complex 40 launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with more than two tons of supplies and experiments for the International Space Station.

News Headlines

  • Soyuz carries three station crew members back to Earth

    December 14, 2017

    A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying three space station crew members hurtled back to Earth Thursday, completing a fiery plunge back through the atmosphere before settling to a frigid touchdown on the snowy steppe of Kazakhstan to close out a 139-day mission.

  • Recent snapshots from the International Space Station

    December 14, 2017

    Recent photos from the International Space Station’s Expedition 53 crew show wildfires burning in Southern California, expansive views of the Himalayas, cities by night and day, and colorful vistas of sites around the world.

  • Live coverage: Space station crew back on Earth

    December 14, 2017

    Outgoing space station commander Randy Bresnik, joined by Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy and European Space Agency flight engineer Paolo Nespoli, returned to Earth early Thursday after nearly five months in orbit. Their Soyuz MS-05 capsule undocked from the International Space Station at 12:14 a.m. EST (0514 GMT), and landed on the steppe of Kazakhstan at 3:37 a.m. EST (0837 GMT).

  • Space station crew returns Thursday, replacements launch Sunday

    December 13, 2017

    In a rapid-fire crew rotation, a Russian cosmonaut, a NASA astronaut and an Italian flier plan to close out a 139-day mission aboard the International Space Station with a fiery plunge back to the frigid steppe of Kazakhstan aboard their Soyuz MS-05 spacecraft early Thursday.

  • Rocket Lab begins new countdown with fix for propulsion system glitch

    December 13, 2017

    With a fix in place for a propulsion system alarm that cut short a countdown in the final seconds Monday, U.S. time, Rocket Lab readied an Electron rocket for another try Wednesday night, but unfavorable upper level winds kept the booster grounded. The Electron rocket is awaiting launch on a test flight aiming to deliver three small commercial CubeSats to orbit from a remote New Zealand launch pad.

  • Photos: Upgraded New Shepard booster flies from West Texas

    December 13, 2017

    Blue Origin’s third New Shepard suborbital booster lifted off on its first brief up-and-down test flight Tuesday, soaring to an altitude of 322,000 feet over West Texas to prove out the rocket and its automated crew capsule, which flew with a dummy dubbed “Mannequin Skywalker” to simulate the conditions passengers riding the rocket will one day experience.

  • Blue Origin launches New Shepard test flight

    December 13, 2017

    Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launched a reusable New Shepard sub-orbital rocket from the company’s west Texas launch site Tuesday, boosting an unpiloted crew capsule out of the dense lower atmosphere for a brief foray into space before a parachute descent to Earth.

  • Four more Galileo navigation satellites ride Ariane 5 rocket into orbit

    December 13, 2017

    Unimpeded by rain showers and a dark gray blanket of low clouds, an Ariane 5 rocket thundered away from a European-run space base in the jungle of French Guiana Tuesday to place four Galileo navigation satellites in orbit, an on-target deployment that should improve the location accuracy of new smartphones around the world.

  • Live coverage: Ariane 5 blasts off with Galileo satellite quartet

    December 12, 2017

    Four European navigation satellites fastened on top of an Ariane 5 rocket lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, at 1836:07 GMT (1:36:07 p.m. EST) Tuesday to propel the Galileo navigation network closer to global service. The Ariane 5’s upper stage delivered the spacecraft to a circular orbit more than 14,000 miles above Earth around four hours after launch.

  • Electron countdown aborted at engine start, next launch attempt Wednesday

    December 12, 2017

    Rocket Lab counted down to the second test flight of its commercial Electron satellite launcher Monday, U.S. time, but a dramatic computer-commanded abort triggered moments after its engines ignited kept the light-class booster on its New Zealand launch pad for at least two more days.

  • Live coverage: Rocket Lab’s second Electron launch delayed to Saturday, U.S. time

    December 10, 2017

    Liftoff of a commercial Rocket Lab Electron rocket has been rescheduled for a four-hour window opening at 8:30 p.m. EST Saturday (0130 GMT Sunday) after a power system fault prevented launch Thursday. The commercial rocket will lift off from New Zealand’s North Island with three small satellites. Rocket Lab plans to webcast the test flight live when it occurs.

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