April 19, 2019

India readies reusable launch vehicle testbed for flight

May 19, 2016

India’s space agency plans to boost a sleek winged prototype spacecraft into the upper atmosphere aboard a solid-fueled rocket early Monday on a brief test flight that will end with a controlled, unpowered glide to a simulated runway landing in the Bay of Bengal.

Latest close-up of Mars comes from Hubble telescope

May 19, 2016

If you look at the night sky this month, chances are you can’t miss Mars rising in the east like an orange beacon each evening. Scientists recently aimed the Hubble Space Telescope at the red planet, producing a dazzling image of bright Martian ice caps, rust-colored landscapes and clouds hanging in its rarefied atmosphere.

China to debut new rocket and spaceport next month

May 18, 2016

China plans to launch its first Long March 7 rocket, a new kerosene-fueled booster capable of carrying supplies to the country’s planned space station, by the end of June on a test flight that will reportedly loft an unpiloted prototype of a future crew capsule.

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