July 5, 2022

Photos: Delta 4 awaits blastoff

March 24, 2015

The United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket sits peacefully inside its mobile service gantry on Tuesday afternoon, one day before its scheduled launch of the GPS 2F-9 navigation satellite.

Photos: Soyuz rocket transferred to jungle launch pad

March 24, 2015

Russian technicians rolled a Soyuz rocket from its integration hangar to the launch pad in French Guiana on Tuesday morning, positioning the booster to receive two Galileo navigation satellites ahead of liftoff Friday.

OTD…March 24 and STS-45

March 24, 2015

Studying the atmosphere as part of NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth was the objective of shuttle Atlantis’ STS-45 mission in March 1992.

Soyuz launch double-header set for Friday

March 23, 2015

Russian launch crews on two continents are putting the final touches on a pair of Soyuz rockets scheduled to blast off less than two hours apart Friday — one carrying a three-man crew to the space station, and another boosting two European navigation satellites into orbit from the Amazon jungle.

ULA wants you to help pick name of new rocket

March 23, 2015

Eagle? Freedom? GalaxyOne? United Launch Alliance wants public input in the naming of a next-generation launcher designed to replace the historic Atlas and Delta rocket lines in the 2020s.

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