September 20, 2019

Russians launch Progress supply ship to space station

October 29, 2014

Nine hours after a spectacular launch failure that destroyed a U.S. supply ship bound for the International Space Station, the Russians successfully launched a Progress cargo craft from snowy Kazakhstan carrying 5,793 pounds of rocket fuel, water, air, crew supplies and other equipment needed aboard the lab complex.

Video: Antares rocket explodes

October 28, 2014

The moment an Orbital Sciences Antares rocket exploded moments after lifting off carrying a Cygnus cargo craft bound for the International space Station.

Russian supply ship poised for launch Wednesday

October 28, 2014

Continuing a busy week of comings and goings at the International Space Station, a Russian Progress supply ship is set for liftoff at 0709 GMT (3:09 a.m. EDT) Wednesday from Kazakhstan with nearly 5,200 pounds of food, fuel and supplies for the six-person crew on the International Space Station.

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