December 9, 2022

Soyuz rocket rolled out for critical ISS cargo launch

July 1, 2015

An eight-ton Russian Progress supply ship packed with nearly three tons of food, water and fuel for the International Space Station is ready for liftoff Friday on a vital mission to resume cargo deliveries to the outpost after back-to-back logistics flights fell short.

OneWeb launch deal called largest commercial rocket buy in history

July 1, 2015

Backed by a fresh capital infusion and regulatory rights to a valued slice of satellite communications spectrum, the space-based Internet company OneWeb has contracted with Arianespace and Virgin Galactic to deploy hundreds of refrigerator-sized spacecraft around Earth.

OTD…July 1 and STS-94

July 1, 2015

#OTD in 1997…Columbia launched on the reflight of her shortened Microgravity Science Laboratory mission

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