May 29, 2022

Live coverage: NASA’s Lucy asteroid probe blasts off on Atlas 5 rocket

October 16, 2021

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, buttoned up in the nose cone of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5, took off from Cape Canaveral at 5:34 a.m. EDT (0934 GMT) Saturday. The Lucy mission will take aim on eight asteroids during a 12-year mission, a record number of flyby targets for a single spacecraft.

Video: Aerial views of Atlas 5’s rollout with Lucy

October 15, 2021

The 188-foot-tall Atlas 5 rocket crowned with NASA’s Lucy asteroid probe rolled out to its launch pad Thursday at Cape Canaveral. These aerial views, captured by a drone and released by NASA, show the launch vehicle moving along rail tracks to Space Launch Complex 41.

Secondary payloads launched with Landsat begin commissioning

October 10, 2021

Ground teams are stepping through testing of three small CubeSats launched with the Landsat 9 remote sensing satellite last month, preparing the small spacecraft for exoplanet observations and communications experiments. NASA says engineers have not established contact with another CubeSat designed for space weather research.

NASA swaps two astronauts from Boeing missions to SpaceX crew flight

October 7, 2021

NASA has reassigned two rookie astronauts from missions on Boeing’s troubled Starliner crew capsule to a SpaceX crew mission to the International Space Station late next year, a move agency officials said will allow the astronauts to gain spaceflight experience for future lunar expeditions.

Watch a video tour of NASA’s Lucy asteroid explorer

October 6, 2021

Set for launch Oct. 16 on a flight to explore asteroids in the outer solar system, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft has been fueled and encapsulated inside the payload fairing of its Atlas 5 rocket. Watch as Chris McCaa, a manager from spacecraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin, points out some of the features of the probe.

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