Live coverage: NASA targets Saturday for next Artemis 1 launch attempt

The countdown for liftoff of NASA’s first Space Launch System moon rocket, the most powerful launcher ever to fly from U.S. soil, was scrubbed Monday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after teams encountered an issue conditioning one of the four main engines. The next opportunity to launch will be Saturday, Sept. 3. The 32-story-tall rocket will boost a human-rated Orion crew capsule on an unpiloted journey around the moon and back to Earth.

Falcon 9

SpaceX launch sets record for Falcon 9 payload mass

SpaceX hauled another 54 Starlink internet satellites into orbit Saturday night from Cape Canaveral, setting a record for the heaviest payload ever launched by a Falcon 9 rocket. The launch occurred days after SpaceX and T-Mobile unveiled plans to use a new generation of Starlink spacecraft to provide ubiquitous connectivity to existing cell phones.