January 22, 2017

Timeline: Atlas 5/EchoStar 19 ascent

December 16, 2016

This is the launch timeline to be followed by the Atlas 5 rocket’s ascent into orbit from Cape Canaveral with the EchoStar 19 satellite for HughesNet’s direct-to-home Internet connectivity. Launch is scheduled for Sunday at 1:27 p.m. EST (1827 GMT).

EchoStar 19 launch aboard Atlas 5 rocket now planned for Dec. 18

December 9, 2016

A state-of-the-art satellite to provide high-speed Internet connectivity across North America, specializing in areas where terrestrial networks are not available, will be mounted atop its booster rocket Saturday in preparation for launch next weekend.

Photos: America’s 100th EELV blasts off

November 22, 2016

The 100th flight of America’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program — a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket — departed Cape Canaveral on Saturday evening carrying the most advanced U.S. weather satellite ever made.

Photos: Atlas 5 launches new weather observer

November 20, 2016

Launching the high-tech GOES-R satellite to revolutionize U.S. weather forecasting, a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket thunders away from Cape Canaveral on Saturday at 6:42 p.m. EST (2342 GMT).

Atlas 5 launches the most advanced U.S. weather satellite in history

November 20, 2016

Revolutionizing the way American meteorologists see the weather, likened to the advancement from black and white television to modern high definition TV, a new observatory was successfully launched Saturday by an Atlas 5 rocket to serve as the linchpin to forecasting what tomorrow will bring.

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