May 13, 2021

Atlas 5 takes shelter from Tropical Depression Eta

November 6, 2020

With Tropical Depression Eta forecast to restrengthen into a tropical storm and move toward Florida, United Launch Alliance moved an Atlas 5 rocket off its launch pad at Cape Canaveral Friday and delayed liftoff with a U.S. government spy satellite to Wednesday.

ULA scrubs Atlas 5 launch as SpaceX readies repaired rocket for GPS mission

November 4, 2020

United Launch Alliance called off the planned launch of an Atlas 5 rocket Wednesday at Cape Canaveral to resolve a problem with valves at the launch pad, while a SpaceX team a mile-and-a-half to the south readied a Falcon 9 rocket for liftoff Thursday evening with a GPS navigation satellite for the U.S. military.

Photos: Atlas 5 rolls to launch pad with new solid rocket boosters

November 4, 2020

A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket with a new type of solid rocket booster emerged from its hangar Tuesday evening for the 1,800-foot rollout to pad 41 at Cape Canaveral, moving into position for liftoff Wednesday with a classified National Reconnaissance Office payload.

Atlas 5 rocket, NRO payload return to launch pad after repairs

November 3, 2020

Ready for blastoff just after sunset Wednesday with a classified payload for the U.S. government’s spy satellite agency, a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket rolled out to its launch pad at Cape Canaveral late Tuesday afternoon after an unplanned trip back inside its integration building for repairs.

Live coverage: Atlas 5 launch delayed to Nov. 13

November 2, 2020

The Atlas 5 was rolled off launch pad 41 to take shelter in the Vertical Integration Facility because of the threat from Tropical Depression Eta. United Launch Alliance has said it is delaying the launch until Nov. 13 at 5:13 p.m. EST (2213 GMT).

Good weather expected for twilight Atlas 5 launch Tuesday

November 1, 2020

Forecasters predict a 90% chance of good weather for liftoff of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket from Cape Canaveral just after sunset Tuesday with a classified payload for the National Reconnaissance Office, the U.S. government’s spy satellite agency.

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