February 26, 2020

Photos: Vega launch lights up French Guiana

June 23, 2015

Monday night’s blastoff of a Vega rocket from the northern shore of South America dispatched a 2,500-pound Earth imaging satellite for Europe and put on a light show across the tropical spaceport at the edge of the Amazon.

New Horizons in good shape approaching Pluto

June 23, 2015

Now just three weeks from its historic flyby of Pluto, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is close enough to detect objects smaller and dimmer than the dwarf planet’s smallest known moon and so far, nothing has been spotted that would pose a threat to the probe as it barrels through the system at more than 30,000 mph, scientists said Tuesday.

Stacking of 55th Atlas 5 rocket starts

June 23, 2015

Beginning its fourth launch campaign of the year, the Atlas 5 rocket program has started stacking the vehicle that will boost a satellite 11,000 miles high for the Global Positioning System.

New satellite joins Europe’s growing Earth observing network

June 23, 2015

A new satellite to monitor crops, pollution and the growth of cities blasted off Monday from a tropical spaceport in French Guiana, adding another piece to Europe’s multibillion-dollar fleet of spacecraft tasked to track Earth’s ever-changing environment.

‘Europe’s Landsat’ in the starting blocks

June 21, 2015

The first in a planned multi-decade series of European land imaging satellites is fastened on top of a solid-fueled Vega launcher at a French Guiana space base for liftoff Monday, kicking off a mission to track everything from global crop growth to urban sprawl.

OTD…June 21 and STS-57

June 21, 2015

#OTD in 1993…Endeavour launched with the first Spacehab module and retrieval of the European EURECA satellite

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