December 9, 2022

JWST teases new era in exoplanet astronomy

July 12, 2022

Among the dazzling images from the James Webb Space Telescope released Tuesday was a squiggly line of spectral data that contained the tell-tale chemical fingerprint of water vapor and clouds in the atmosphere of a scorching hot planet circling a star 1,150 light-years from Earth.

A dying star through the eyes of the James Webb Space Telescope

July 12, 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope’s multi-wavelength observations of the Southern Ring Nebula reveal the dying throes of a star flinging off vast amounts of stellar debris, and showed for the first time the star responsible for the spectacle is sheathed in its own cloak of dust.

Webb views the ‘cosmic cliffs’ of Carina Nebula

July 12, 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope’s first image of Carina Nebula shows an iconic star-forming cloud of gas and dust 7,600 light-years away, revealing previously unseen vistas of young stars thanks to the new observatory’s sharp-eyed infrared vision.

NASA unveils new ‘first light’ images from Webb

July 12, 2022

NASA unveiled more spectacular “first light” pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope Tuesday, showcasing interacting galaxies, the death throes of a doomed star and a stellar nursery where massive young suns are being born, blazing with gale-force solar winds that sculpt vast clouds of gas and dust.

Webb telescope peers deeper into the universe than ever before

July 11, 2022

President Biden unveiled the deepest ever look into the distant universe Monday with the release of the first full-color science image from the James Webb Space Telescope, showing thousands of faint galaxies and countless stars shining like lampposts in a tiny patch of the southern sky.

Live coverage: SpaceX launches 46 more Starlink internet satellites

July 10, 2022

SpaceX’s team at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California launched a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday with 46 more Starlink internet spacecraft, a mission to start filling a new layer in the satellite fleet. Liftoff from the foggy West Coast spaceport occurred at 6:39 p.m. PDT (9:39 p.m. EDT; 0139 GMT), and the booster landed on a drone ship in the Pacific Ocean.

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