Launch replays from Tuesday’s Atlas 5 flight with Cygnus

Relive Tuesday night’s spectactular liftoff of the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket carrying the commercial Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo ship for the International Space Station with this series of replays.

UCS-3 tracker

Launch as seen from the beach mound east of Complex 41.

UCS-7 tracker

A close-up view of the RD-180 main engine producing 860,000 pounds of thrust during ascent of the Atlas 5.


A video camera mounted on the exterior of the Atlas 5 rocket shows ignition and liftoff into the night sky.


A video camera on the Centaur upper stage captures the spent first stage separating and ignition of the RL10C cryogenic engine.

Picturesque launch

From across the water, the Atlas 5 rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 41

VAB roof

Launch as seen from the roof of the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

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