November 27, 2022

Study suggests Saturn’s moon Dione has underground ocean

October 11, 2016

Scientists crunching data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft believe Saturn’s moon Dione has a liquid ocean buried 60 miles under a thick icy shell, potentially adding to a growing list of ocean worlds in the frigid outer solar system.

NASA probe makes last visit to Saturn’s moon Dione

August 20, 2015

Scientists are getting a final look at Saturn’s icy moon Dione for decades to come with fresh imagery streaming down this week from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which made its last close flyby of the Texas-sized satellite Monday.

Saturn moon’s ice canyons viewed by Cassini

June 18, 2015

Saturn’s moon Dione received a fleeting visitor this week, when NASA’s Cassini spacecraft whizzed by to image bizarre streaks thought to be canyons with ice walls up to 100 stories tall.

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