August 14, 2020

Preview: New GPS navigation satellite heads into space this week

July 12, 2015

The Global Positioning System, its precision navigation and timing services made possible by the U.S. Air Force and provided free-of-charge to the planet’s civilian population, is a marvel of the modern world, and the orbiting network will receive a fresh satellite Wednesday.

NASA probe finally on Pluto’s doorstep

July 12, 2015

Three billion miles and nine-and-a-half years from Earth, NASA’s New Horizons probe is racing toward a historic July 14 flyby of Pluto, providing the first close-up views of the most famous denizen of the Kuiper Belt, a vast hinterland where uncounted remnants of the solar system’s birth orbit in frozen solitude.

Photos: GPS 2F-10 readied for launch

July 11, 2015

This collection of photographs shows the Air Force’s Global Positioning System 2F-10 navigation satellite being encapsulated in the Atlas 5 nose cone and hoisted atop the rocket for launch July 15.

New contact with intractable comet lander

July 10, 2015

Europe’s Rosetta comet probe re-established momentary contact with the Philae lander late Thursday, renewing hopes of starting up the craft’s research instruments after two weeks of radio silence dampened the moods of scientists.

Rocket Lab plans for New Zealand launch base

July 9, 2015

The chief executive of Rocket Lab, a venture capital-backed space firm set up to provide dedicated launch services for microsatellites, says the company is on track to complete construction of a new orbital launch site on New Zealand’s South Island by the end of 2015.

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