August 13, 2022

SpaceX cargo capsule splashes down in Gulf of Mexico

July 10, 2021

Wrapping up a 36-day mission to the International Space Station, a SpaceX Cargo Dragon capsule splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico Friday night with biomedical experiments, spacewalk equipment, and other hardware returning from orbit.

Virgin-founder Richard Branson heads for space Sunday

July 9, 2021

After nearly two decades of overly optimistic forecasts, technical challenges, a tragic setback and a determined recovery, Richard Branson, the globe-trotting media mogul and founder of Virgin Galactic, plans to rocket into space Sunday, beating fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos to the punch by nine days.

Live coverage: Dragon cargo ship departs space station

July 8, 2021

A SpaceX cargo ship that delivered upgraded solar arrays to the International Space Station last month departed the orbiting outpost Thursday to begin the trip back to Earth. Undocking occurred at 10:45 a.m. EDT (1445 GMT) Thursday, setting up for a re-entry and splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico Friday at 11:29 p.m. EDT (0329 GMT Saturday).

China launches Fengyun weather satellite into polar orbit

July 5, 2021

A new Chinese Fengyun weather satellite launched Sunday and flew into an early morning polar orbit to feed data into global computer models, adding inputs that international weather officials said will improve medium and long-range forecasts.

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