Multimedia: WGS 9 readied for launch

This collection of photographs and videos shows the Wideband Global SATCOM communications satellite No. 9 being encapsulated in the United Launch Alliance Delta 4 nose cone and hoisted atop the rocket for launch March 17 at 7:44 p.m. EDT (2344 GMT).

Encapsulation occurred at the Astrotech processing facility on Feb. 14. Stacking atop the Delta occurred Feb. 24 at Cape Canaveral’s Complex 37.

The ninth installment of the Wideband Global SATCOM communications satellite constellation was built by international funding from Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and New Zealand to join the U.S. military network.

International partners will receive a proportional share of the bandwidth provided by the WGS constellation based on financial contribution.

WGS 9 will be launched and operated by the Air Force.

Credit: United Launch Alliance

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