Atlas/MUOS 3 mission stats


A look at the Atlas 5 launch of the Navy’s MUOS 3 satellite by the numbers.

This will be…

* The 634th launch for Atlas program since 1957
* The 340th Atlas launch from Cape Canaveral
* The 223rd mission of a Centaur upper stage
* The 200th use of Centaur by an Atlas rocket
* The 42st Atlas 5 launch from Cape Canaveral
* The 455th production RL10 engine to be launched
* The 58th flight of the RD-180 main engine
* The 52nd launch of an Atlas 5 since 2002
* The 19th Air Force mission for an Atlas 5
* The 80th Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle flight
* The 92nd United Launch Alliance flight overall
* The 62nd United Launch Alliance flight from Cape Canaveral
* The 44th Atlas 5 under United Launch Alliance
* The 18th 500-series flight of the Atlas 5
* The 5th Atlas 5 to fly in the 551 configuration
* The 1st Atlas 5 launch of 2015