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    A decommissioned launch facility at Cape Canaveral where some of America's first interplanetary missions left Earth will now be used as a test site for a commercial moon lander.
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    Europe and China are planning a joint robotic space mission for launch in 2021, and officials are asking scientists to propose projects aimed at research in astronomy, exploring the solar system, or investigations in fundamental physics.
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    The CATS payload launched to the International Space Station aboard the most recent SpaceX Dragon cargo craft was installed onto the exterior of the lab complex this week.
  • 5AV052 MUOS 3 ASOC 3 02
    A final batch of launch photos from the successful AV-052 mission of the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket carrying the U.S. Navy's MUOS 3 communications satellite.
  • 2015-1132
    The Delta 2 rocket and the SMAP spacecraft passed the Flight Readiness Review today that assessed the progress of work and granted approval to proceed with loading the storable hypergolics into the second stage.
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    Orbital Sciences Corp. and Energia have signed a contract worth approximately $1 billion for up to 60 Russian-made RD-181 rocket engines to power the redesigned first stage of the commercial Antares launcher.
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    Two mystifying incidents last year involving separate Iridium communications satellites have experts wondering whether the spacecraft collided with tiny fragments of space junk.
  • MUOS 3 is delivered to orbit and deployed.
    Cameras mounted aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket provided remarkable views of the nighttime ascent Tuesday, from liftoff through deployment of the U.S. Navy's MUOS No. 3 mobile communications satellite.
  • 2015-1126-m
    This photo gallery shows NASA's SMAP spacecraft arriving at the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base's Space Launch Complex 2 and being hoisted atop the United Launch Alliance Delta 2 rocket.
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    A powerful Atlas 5 rocket fitted with a kerosene-burning main engine and five solid-fueled boosters lit up Florida's Space Coast with Tuesday night's blastoff carrying a U.S. Navy communications satellite into orbit. We present a sample of launch photos submitted by Spaceflight Now's readers.