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Photos: Soyuz soars skyward from French Guiana

Flying for the 10th time from a tropical launch facility along the South American coastline, a Russian Soyuz rocket lifted off Dec. 18 and streaked through partly sunny skies with four satellites to extend the reach of the O3b Networks, a company founded to bring broadband to the world's most remote and impoverished countries.

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  • crs5_static_fire copy
    SpaceX fueled up a Falcon 9 rocket, ran through a mock countdown and fired the booster's nine Merlin main engines Friday in a successful preflight static fire test officials hope will clear the way for liftoff Jan. 6 on a space station resupply mission.
  • renetry
    New video recorded during NASA’s Orion return through Earth’s atmosphere provides viewers a taste of what the vehicle endured as it returned through Earth’s atmosphere during its Dec. 5 flight test.
  • Pusk
    A Strela rocket carrying a Russian-built radar surveillance satellite built for an undisclosed foreign customer sprung out of an underground silo in Kazakhstan and fired into orbit Friday.
  • Delta_4_NRO_L-25_7
    Navigation satellites, communications spacecraft, classified missions, NASA science projects and the Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo ship destined for the International Space Station are on the United Launch Alliance manifest for the new year.
  • jsc2014e067735
    NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are gearing up for launch March 27 to kick off a record one-year stay aboard the International Space Station, an orbital marathon both men say is crucial for planning future flights beyond Earth orbit and, eventually, to Mars.
  • VS10 Decollage toit CDLS le 18/12/2014
    A Soyuz rocket lifted off from French Guiana on Thursday, launching four satellites owned by O3b Networks nearly 5,000 miles above Earth to expand access to high-speed Internet in the developing world.
  • orionkscsign
    Completing a 2,700-mile journey across the United States, America's inaugural Orion spaceship arrived back home at the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, just under two weeks after its trial by fire.
  • Credit: ULA
    Take another look back at the Orion spaceship's launch atop a Delta 4-Heavy rocket on Dec. 5 with this gallery of NASA and United Launch Alliance photos.
  • gslv-mkiii-x17
    A powerful new Indian launcher and a precursor to a future piloted space capsule flew to the edge of space on a 20-minute test mission Thursday. See photos of the rocket's liftoff and the landing craft after splashdown in the Bay of Bengal.
  • gps
    The fourth modernized Global Positioning System satellite launched this year has completed in-orbit testing and joined the constellation.