September 21, 2017

SpaceX readies rocket to launch military spaceplane into orbit

September 6, 2017

With an eye on dangerous Hurricane Irma’s forecast path toward Florida, SpaceX and the U.S. Air Force are proceeding with preparations to launch an unpiloted reusable military spaceship Thursday on a mission to conduct experiments in orbit, deploy multiple small satellites and glide back to Earth for a runway landing after months or years in space.

Photos: Military mini-shuttle transferred to SpaceX launch pad

September 6, 2017

Cocooned inside the nose cone of its Falcon 9 rocket booster, the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B spaceplane journeyed from a former space shuttle hangar at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, past the Vehicle Assembly Building and toward launch pad 39A last week ahead of liftoff Thursday.

Photos: Soyuz MS-04 capsule lands in Kazakhstan

September 5, 2017

Three space station crew members came back to Earth last weekend aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule after plunging through the atmosphere and descending under a parachute to a jarring touchdown on the steppes of Kazakhstan. These photos show the capsule’s final descent and the crew’s exit from the spacecraft.

Photos: Ariane 5 rolls to launch pad

September 5, 2017

These photos show Monday’s rollout of an Ariane 5 rocket on a 1.7-mile journey to its launch pad at the Guiana Space Center in South America.

Live coverage: Ariane 5 launch aborted

September 5, 2017

The launch of a European Ariane 5 rocket was aborted moments after its main engine ignited Tuesday. The dramatic last-second hold was the first time an Ariane rocket launch was aborted after engine start since March 2011. Arianespace has not set a new target launch date for the mission, which will loft two U.S.-built communications satellites for Intelsat and B-SAT.

Live coverage: Soyuz crew capsule departs station, lands in Kazakhstan

September 2, 2017

A Russian Soyuz crew ferry craft departed the International Space Station and descended to an on-target landing in Kazakhstan on Saturday with a record-setting NASA astronaut, a veteran Russian cosmonaut and a former U.S. Air Force test pilot on-board. Undocking from the orbiting research complex occurred at 2158 GMT (5:58 p.m. EDT), with touchdown at 0121 GMT (9:21 p.m. EDT).

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