September 21, 2019

Video: Antares rocket explodes

October 28, 2014

The moment an Orbital Sciences Antares rocket exploded moments after lifting off carrying a Cygnus cargo craft bound for the International space Station.

Atlas 5 rocket rolled to Cape Canaveral launch pad

October 28, 2014

An Atlas 5 rocket has been rolled out to its launch pad at Cape Canaveral for blastoff to deploy a replacement satellite to strengthen the Global Positioning System for U.S. military forces and the worldwide economy.

Antares/Orb-3 launch timeline

October 27, 2014

Follow the key events of the Antares rocket’s ascent into orbit from launch pad 0A at Wallops Island, Va., carrying a Cygnus supply ship with cargo for the International Space Station. T+0:00:00: Main Engine Ignition T+0:00:02.1: Liftoff T+0:03:54: Main Engine Cutoff T+0:04:00: Stage Separation T+0:04:29: Fairing Jettison T+0:04:34: Interstage Jettison T+0:04:41: Second Stage Ignition T+0:07:27: Second Stage Burnout T+0:09:27: Cygnus Separation

Atlas 5/GPS 2F-8 launch timeline

October 27, 2014

Follow the Atlas 5 rocket’s ascent into orbit from Cape Canaveral’s Complex 41 launch pad with the U.S. Air Force’s GPS 2F-8 navigation satellite. T+0:00:01.1: Liftoff T+0:01:18.5: Mach 1 and Max Q T+0:04:03.8: Main Engine Cutoff T+0:04:09.8: Stage Separation T+0:04:19.8: Centaur Ignition No. 1 T+0:04:27.8: Nose Cone Jettison T+0:17:09.4: Centaur Engine Cutoff No. 1 T+3:18:02:1: Centaur Ignition No. 2 T+3:19:31.8: Centaur Engine Cutoff No. 2 T+3:24:17.5: Spacecraft Separation

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