August 16, 2022

Crew-4 mission timeline

April 27, 2022

This detailed mission timeline covers major vehicle and crew activities during the Crew-4 countdown and rendezvous with the International Space Station.

SpaceX poised for quick turnaround between astronaut missions

April 26, 2022

Just 39 hours after SpaceX returned four private astronauts to Earth, the company’s next crew launch for NASA is set for early Wednesday from Florida, with a planetary geologist, a medical doctor, and former U.S. and Italian fighter pilots heading to the International Space Station.

NASA’s moon rocket rolls back to Vehicle Assembly Building for repairs

April 26, 2022

NASA rolled the giant new rocket for the Artemis 1 moon mission off the launch pad back inside the Vehicle Assembly Building before dawn Tuesday at the Kennedy Space Center. Officials hope to complete repairs in time to launch the Artemis 1 test flight to the moon no earlier than August, about two months later than previously scheduled.

Axiom’s private astronauts depart space station after 15-day stay

April 25, 2022

A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four non-professional astronauts, the first fully commercial, non-government crew to visit the International Space Station, undocked from the outpost Sunday, heading for re-entry and splashdown Monday to close out an extended 17-day mission.

NASA preps for return of SLS moon rocket to hangar

April 24, 2022

Ground teams moved a diesel-powered crawler-transporter underneath the Space Launch System moon rocket Sunday on pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, preparing the towering launcher for a return to the Vehicle Assembly Building for repairs.

Live coverage: Axiom’s private crew returns to Earth on SpaceX capsule

April 24, 2022

After a nearly a week’s worth of mission extensions due to scheduling and weather factors, Axiom’s all-private crew undocked from the International Space Station at 9:10 p.m. EDT Sunday (0110 GMT Monday), heading for re-entry and a parachute-assisted splashdown off the coast of Florida at 1:06 p.m. EDT (1706 GMT) Monday.

SpaceX again waves off return of Axiom crew mission

April 23, 2022

With persistent high winds off the Florida coast, SpaceX on Saturday again waved off the undocking and return to Earth of a Dragon crew capsule from the International Space Station with four private astronauts. The decision delays the Axiom crew’s departure until no earlier than Sunday night, with splashdown Monday afternoon.

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