Spaceflight Now: Mission Report
Flight 137 mission events

Posted: January 7, 2001

H0 Engine ignition
Four first stage Snecma Viking 5 engines are started and undergo checkout prior to launch.
H0+00:04.2 Solid motor ignition
The four solid-fueled rocket boosters strapped to the first stage of the Ariane 4 rocket are lit.
H0+00:04.4 Launch
The Ariane 44P rocket lifts off from ELA-2 complex at Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana, South America.
H0+00:11 Start Pitch Maneuver
Following a vertical ascent phase, the rocket begins a 10-second pitch motion for positioning on the proper launch trajectory.
H0+01:11 Booster Separation
Having burned all their solid propellant, the Fiat Avio-built strap-on boosters are jettisoned from the Ariane rocket's first stage to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.
H0+03:31 First Stage Separation
The EADS Launch Vehicles-produced first stage of the Ariane 44P rocket is separated to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.
H0+03:33 Second Stage Ignition
The single Snecma Viking 4 engine aboard the Ariane's second stage is started, continuing the climb to orbit.
H0+04:26 Jettison Nose Cone
The 4-meter diameter payload fairing, built by Contraves, that protected Eurasiasat 1 spacecraft during atmospheric ascent is separated.
H0+05:43 Second Stage Separation
The Astrium-built second stage of the Ariane 44P rocket is jettisoned to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.
H0+05:48 Third Stage Ignition
Following the release of the second stage, the single Snecma HM 7B third stage engine is started to complete the powered phase of flight to deliver Eurasiasat 1 into orbit.
H0+18:54 Third Stage Shutdown
After consuming its supply of liquid hydrogen and liquid oyxgen, the third stage engine shuts down. Injection into the required orbit follows two seconds later. The EADS Launch Vehicles-built stage will now provide the necessary pointing and alignment for payload separation.
H0+20:20 Spacecraft Separation
The Eurasiasat 1 satellite is released into the desired geosynchronous transfer orbit. The predicted injection orbit features a perigee altitude of 180 km, apogee altitude of 35,786 km and inclination of 6.5 degrees.

Data source: Arianespace.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Ariane 44P
Payload: Eurasiasat 1
Launch date: Jan. 8, 2001
Launch window: 2208-2351 GMT (5:08-6:51 p.m. EST)
Launch site: ELA-2, Kourou, French Guiana

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