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Eurasiasat 1 satellite
Posted: January 7, 2001

Eurasiasat 1
The Eurasiasat 1 satellite undergoes testing. Photo: Alcatel
EURASIASAT S.A.M., the international satellite operator is a subsidiary of Alcatel Space owned by Turk Telecom (51%) and by Alcatel Space (49%).

To fulfil future telecommunication needs, including Direct To Home TV (analog and digital), radio services and data transmission (Internet, IBS, VSAT...), EURASIASAT has entrusted Alcatel Space with building the Eurasiasat 1 telecommunications satellite.

The contract bears on the satellite in-orbit delivery and includes:

  • acting as Prime Contractor for the space segment, program management, system engineering, etc
  • acting as Prime Contractor for the communications payload
  • updating the control centre and earth station
  • the LEOP
  • emergency rescue for in-orbit operations
  • operators training.
The Eurasiasat 1 satellite uses the Spacebus 3000 B3 platform with a 8.7 kW power (beginning-of-life).

Eurasiasat 1 facts  
Spacecraft Spacebus 3000 B3
Orbital Slot 42 degrees East
Life 15 years
Mission direct television, telephony, Internet
Launch Weight 3,560 kg
Power 8.7 kW
Payload 32 Ku-band repeaters (110 W)
Source: Alcatel
Located at 42 deg E, it will provide simultaneous transmission of 32 channels in the Ku-band with a 50 dBW EIRP. 20 channels have a 33 MHz bandwidth, and 12 have a 36 MHz bandwidth.

The satellite's main coverage bridges Europe to Asia, while 12 channels are available via two steerable beams with interbeam switching capability among fixed and steerable.

This process provides the flexibility to target market demand in Russia, India, Africa, and in all area in satellite visibility.

As Prime Contractor, Alcatel Space develops Eurasiasat 1 and the industrial organization implemented includes many industrialists, including:

  • for Spacebus platforms: Alcatel ETCA, Alcatel Space Valence, SAFT, DASA, SES
  • for the launch: Arianespace
  • for the payload: Alcatel Space Toulouse, Alcatel Espacio, BOSCH, MELCO, CASA, RADIAL, TTEG.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Ariane 44P
Payload: Eurasiasat 1
Launch date: Jan. 8, 2001
Launch window: 2208-2351 GMT (5:08-6:51 p.m. EST)
Launch site: ELA-2, Kourou, French Guiana

Pre-launch Briefing
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