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Delta 2 launches IMAGE

Posted: March 26, 2000

A Boeing Delta 2 rocket successfully launched NASA's IMAGE space weather observatory on March 25 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Images: NASA TV/Spaceflight Now.

Delta 2 revealed
The 177-foot tall mobile service tower is rolled away from the Boeing Delta 2 rocket at Space Launch Complex-2 West before sunrise on Saturday morning.
Tower rollback
Fueled and ready
A camera mounted on the mobile service tower shows the Delta 2 rocket awaiting liftoff. This scenic view shows the Pacific Ocean in the background.
Tracking the launch
This tracking camera is poised to capture the rocket's thunderous launch toward space.
Tracking camera
The twin vernier steering jets and the first stage main engine roar to life in the final two seconds before blastoff.
Rocket away
Umbilical lines connecting the Delta 2 rocket to Earth fall away as the vehicle departs the launch pad. The yellow line is the air conditioning vent to the payload.
The three-stage Delta rocket soars into the midday sky at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Central California.
Bound for space
The three strap-on solid rocket boosters burn out just over one minute into flight. The first stage main engine and two vernier steering jets continue to fire.
SRB burnout

Flight Data File
Vehicle: Delta 2 (7326)
Payload: NASA's IMAGE
Launch date: March 25, 2000
Launch window: 2034:43-2042:43 GMT (3:34-3:42 p.m. EST)
Launch site: SLC-2W, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

Video vault
The Boeing Delta 2 rocket lifts off with NASA's IMAGE satellite from Vandenberg.
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Animation shows NASA's IMAGE satellite orbiting the Earth for its space weather science mission.
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Pre-launch briefing
Launch timeline - Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch.

Orbit trace - Maps showing the ground track the rocket will follow during flight.

Delta 2 rocket - Overview of the Delta 2 7326-model rocket used to launch IMAGE.

IMAGE - Description of the IMAGE satellite and its science mission.

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