Spaceflight Now: Space Station/STS-98


Follow the four-month mission of first resident crew of the international space station as well as the STS-98 flight of space shuttle Atlantis to deliver the U.S. laboratory Destiny. Reload this page for the very latest.

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Views of Atlantis' undocking and flyaround:

Atlantis drops away from ISS

Flying around the station

In front of Destiny

Station soars above Earth

Atlantis shadows the space station

Views of activities in space:

Jones and Curbeam prepare to step outside

Destiny awaits PMA-2

The crews enter Destiny:

Marsha Ivins and her hair enter lab

Inside the lab

Destiny's hatch is opened

Views of first spacewalk:

Curbeam gets ammonia brush down

Ammonia connections made

View of Destiny attached to station

Jones hooks up heater cables

Flurry of crystals from ammonia leak

First wide-angle view of lab attached

Station meets its Destiny

Destiny nears docking port

Destiny above cargo bay

Jones guides PMA-2

PMA-2 is moved by the robot arm

Tom Jones puts on space suit gloves

Space suit preparations

Status summary