Spaceflight Now: Space Station/STS-98


Follow the four-month mission of first resident crew of the international space station as well as the STS-98 flight of space shuttle Atlantis to deliver the U.S. laboratory Destiny. Reload this page for the very latest.

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Landing tracks
See the path Atlantis would follow during landing opportunities Tuesday in our STS-98 Landing Tracker.

KSC Orbit 200 - touchdown in Florida at 1727 GMT.

KSC Orbit 201 - touchdown in Florida at 1902 GMT.

EAFB Orbit 202 - touchdown in California at 2033 GMT.

EAFB Orbit 203 - touchdown in California at 2209 GMT.

Views of Friday's undocking and flyaround:

Atlantis drops away from ISS

Flying around the station

In front of Destiny

Station soars above Earth

Atlantis shadows the space station

Views of Monday's activities in space:

Jones and Curbeam prepare to step outside

Destiny awaits PMA-2

The crews enter Destiny:

Marsha Ivins and her hair enter lab

Inside the lab

Destiny's hatch is opened

Views of Saturday's spacewalk:

Curbeam gets ammonia brush down

Ammonia connections made

View of Destiny attached to station

Jones hooks up heater cables

Flurry of crystals from ammonia leak

First wide-angle view of lab attached

Station meets its Destiny

Destiny nears docking port

Destiny above cargo bay

Jones guides PMA-2

PMA-2 is moved by the robot arm

Tom Jones puts on space suit gloves

Space suit preparations

Status summary

Video vault
Atlantis blasts away from Kennedy Space Center's pad 39A at sunset on February 7 bound for the international space station as seen on NASA TV.
  PLAY (382k, 28sec QuickTime file)
A powerful tracking camera provides this spectacular footage of space shuttle Atlantis' launch through separation of the twin solid rocket boosters.
  PLAY (1.5M, 2min34sec QuickTime file)
A camera positioned in front of the launch pad 39A shows Atlantis' main engines and solid rocket boosters igniting to propel the space shuttle to orbit.
  PLAY (289k, 32sec QuickTime file)
From atop Kennedy Space Center's 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building, this dramatic view shows Atlantis launching with a full moon in the background.
  PLAY (287k, 36sec QuickTime file)