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Cargo freighter docks to international space station
An unmanned cargo ship launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan successfully docked with the international space station Aug. 8, carrying critical supplies and equipment to ready the lab for arrival of its first full-time crew in November.
Zvezda Coverage
Space station and Zvezda docked
The international space station gently docked with the new Zvezda command module July 25 as the two spacecraft sailed high above Kazakstan, ending two years of delays and setting the stage for arrival of the lab's first permanent crew in November.
Proton launches Zvezda
With the future of the $100 billion International Space Station project hanging in the balance, the long-awaited Zvezda service module has reached orbit after a flawless launch atop a Proton rocket. The module will create a new home in Earth orbit for humankind.
   FULL STORY [Posted: July 12, 2000]
Zvezda docks
Stakes sky high for Russia's Zvezda launch
The stakes are literally sky high: Nothing less than the future of the international space station. That's what many believe is riding on the launch of a long-delayed Russian command module called Zvezda.
   FULL STORY [Posted: July 10, 2000]
Zvezda docks
Web site to offer live views from Zvezda   People worldwide will be able to watch free on the Internet as 16 nations build and occupy the international space station in Earth orbit. [Posted: July 11, 2000]
Mission Report
Atlantis returns from Space Station mission
Commander Jim Halsell guided space shuttle Atlantis smooth nighttime landing on May 29 at the Kennedy Space Center to conclude a successful repair mission to the International Space Station.
   FULL STORY [Posted: May 29, 2000]
Recent News
Space Media, RSC Energia form multimedia partnership   Space Media has joined forces with RSC Energia forming a multimedia partnership, Enermedia LLC. Space Media will develop and provide multimedia content both for television broadcast and Internet distribution from the Russian Service Module of the International Space Station (ISS) and Russian Space Program archives. [Posted: Aug. 4, 2000]
Commercial module proposed for space station   The Boeing Company and Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center today announced a cooperative planning effort to market a commercial space module that could attach to the International Space Station. [Posted: July 27, 2000]
U.S. space station lab passes leak checks   The centerpiece of the scientific section of the International Space Station, the U.S. Destiny Laboratory, has completed a stay of seven days in a high-altitude vacuum chamber. The successful completion of vacuum testing is an important milestone before its January launch. [Posted: July 7, 2000]
NASA looks forward to next month's Zvezda launch    After a week of comprehensive reviews by program managers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the next component of the International Space Station is poised for launch to provide the early living quarters for the first permanent occupants of the orbital outpost. [Posted: June 30, 2000]
Video vault
Bill Shepherd, commander of the first expedition crew to the international space station, comments on Tuesday's docking of Zvezda.
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A Russian Proton rocket lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan with the Zvezda service module.
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NASA animation shows the Zvezda module launching into space, deploying antennas and solar arrays and conducting orbit raising maneuvers.
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The Zvezda service module joins the infant International Space Station as seen in NASA animation of the docking with Zarya.
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One of Zvezda's power-generating solar arrays is unfurled in a factory test as the module is constructed.
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Take a look around inside the Zvezda service module that will be initial crew living quarters aboard the International Space Station.
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Russian technicians move the Proton rocket's nose cone around Zvezda in the factory to ensure to two will fit together properly.
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