Spaceflight Now: STS-101 Mission Report
Photo Gallery:
Rollout to launch pad

Posted: April 23, 2000

On March 25, space shuttle Atlantis was rolled from Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building to the seaside launch pad 39A. Images: NASA/KSC.

Ready to leave
The fully assembled space shuttle Atlantis prepares to depart the VAB for launch pad 39A just after sunrise.
The roll begins
Atlantis makes its 3.5 mile trek to the launch pad atop a massive crawler-transporter.
Outside VAB
Scenic ride
The waters around launch pad 39A provide a picturesque view of Atlantis' rollout on a clear Florida day.
Up the ramp
Hydraulics on the crawler-transporter keep Atlantis level as it rolled up the incline to pad 39A.
Up ramp
Perched on seaside pad
Atlantis arrived at the pad and technicians go to work bolting the launch platform into place to the crawler-transporter can move away.
Seaside pad

Photo gallery

In the VAB - Atlantis is hoisted vertically and attached to its fuel tank and solid rocket boosters in the Vehicle Assmbly Building. A main engine was also replaced.

Fixing Atlantis - Workers replace the faulty hydraulic unit aboard Atlantis last week.

Pre-launch briefing
STS-101 index - See a listing off all our STS-101 stories and coverage.

Launch timeline - Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch.

Launch windows - The predicted windows in which Atlantis could launch over the the next week.

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