Spaceflight Now: STS-101 Mission Report

Launch windows chart
Posted: April 22, 2000

Date Open Close
April 24 4:12:33 p.m. EDT 4:22:33 p.m. EDT
April 25 3:49:59 p.m. EDT 3:59:02 p.m. EDT
April 26 3:24:16 p.m. EDT 3:34:15 p.m. EDT
April 27 3:01:41 p.m. EDT 3:09:48 p.m. EDT
April 28 2:35:59 p.m. EDT 2:45:58 p.m. EDT
April 29 2:13:24 p.m. EDT 2:19:53 p.m. EDT
April 30 1:47:41 p.m. EDT 1:57:40 p.m. EDT
The above times are estimates that will be refined through the final 90 minutes prior to liftoff based upon tracking information of the International Space Station's orbit. NASA plans to launch within the windows' "preferred" period to save fuel that will be needed to reboost the station.

Source: NASA