Spaceflight Now: STS-101 Mission Report

STS-101 daily highlights
Updated: April 25, 2000

Flight Day 1 Wednesday, April 26
The STS-101 mission begins with launch of space shuttle Atlantis from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Following arrival in orbit, the astronauts will open the payload bay doors and set up the shuttle for its stay in space.
Flight Day 2 Thursday, April 27
Atlantis will spend this day performing orbital maneuvers in the rendezvous with the International Space Staton. The orbiter docking system will be prepared for Friday's link up with ISS, and the shuttle's robotic arm will be tested for use in Thursday's spacewalk.
Flight Day 3 Friday, April 28
The shuttle will complete the orbital chase with the space station and dock with the outpost at about 9:48 a.m. EDT (1348 GMT).
Flight Day 4 Saturday, April 29
This will be spacewalk day as astronauts Jeff Williams and Jim Voss step outside Atlantis to perform a 6 1/2-hour excursion to install a Russian cargo crane, reseat a U.S. crane that has come loose on the station's exterior, replace a faulty U.S. communications antenna assembly and add additional handrails to ISS.
Flight Day 5 Sunday, April 30
Atlantis' seven astronauts will open the hatches and enter the two-module International Space Station for the first time during the mission. Work to replace faulty batteries and electronics in Zarya begins today.
Flight Day 6 Monday, May 1
The crew continues maintenance work in the space station by replacing more batteries and associated parts, swapping out a fire extinguisher and installing new smoke detectors. More supplies will be moved into the station. The first station altitude reboost is also planned today.
Flight Day 7 Tuesday, May 2
The final battery and smoke detector will be replaced. Fresh water and supplies will be moved from the shuttle to the station, and the second altitude reboost is scheduled.
Flight Day 8 Wednesday, May 3
More water and other supplies will be transferred into the International Space Station from Atlantis. The third and final altitude reboost will be performed. The astronauts will exit the station for the last time at the end of this day.
Flight Day 9 Thursday, May 4
Atlantis will undock from the International Space Station at 3:06 a.m. EDT (0706 GMT) and perform a flyaround maneuver to photograph the outpost. The afternoon hours of the crew's day is "off-duty" time.
Flight Day 10 Friday, May 5
Standard day-before-entry checks of Atlantis' flight control aerosurfaces, hydraulic systems and steering jets will be tested in preparation for Thursday's landing. The crew module will be packed up, and the in-flight press conference will be held.
Flight Day 11 Saturday, May 6
Commander Jim Halsell will fire Atlantis' twin orbital maneuvering system engines on the tail of the shuttle to begin the deorbit burn, slowing the craft to slip from orbit. Landing at Kennedy Space Center is planned for 12:03 p.m. EDT (1603 GMT).

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