Spaceflight Now: STS-92 Mission Report

STS-92 Video Vault
Updated: Oct. 24, 2000

Full video coverage of space shuttle mission STS-92.

California touchdown
Space shuttle Discovery touches down on Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base in California to conclude its highly successful mission.
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Turning on final
Commander Brian Duffy pilots shuttle Discovery along the Heading Alignment Cylinder -- an imaginary circle -- to align with Runway 22.
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Alternative view
A camera positioned on the north side of Runway 22 provides a dramatic view of space shuttle Discovery's landing.
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Interview with the crew
Astronauts talk
Spaceflight Now's William Harwood interviews the astronauts orbiting 240 miles above Earth aboard space shuttle Discovery.
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Station departure
Discovery undocks from the space station after a week-long visit that added the Z1 truss structure and a new docking port to the orbiting outpost.
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Flying jet backpack
The demonstration test of the SAFER jet backpack provided dramatic views of the astronauts flying around in space with the international space station and Earth as picturesque backdrops.
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Wisoff flies at night
Spacewalker Jeff Wisoff tests the Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue, or SAFER, jet backpack in space shuttle Discovery's payload bay. He flies toward the video camera in darkness.
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Lopez-Alegria's turn
Spacewalker Mike Lopez-Alegria takes his turn flying the SAFER jet backpack in Discovery's payload bay. He flies toward the camera in daylight.
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Deploying the dish
Leroy Chiao and Bill McArthur deploy the Ku-band antenna on the newly installed Z1 Truss.
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Station arrival
Space rendezvous
Shuttle Discovery successfully docks to the international space station while flying 240 miles above Ukraine.
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Station ingress
The astronauts of shuttle Discovery float into the international space station soon after docking to the outpost.
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Discovery's launch
Climbing aboard
Commander Brian Duffy makes the tricky climb into his seat aboard Discovery in the hours prior to launch as seen by an onboard video camera.
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Space shuttle Discovery blasts off October 11 on a construction flight to the international space station.
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Riding a rocket
A video camera mounted inside the cockpit of Discovery shows the what it is like when the main engines and solid rocket boosters ignite, lifting the craft to space.
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SRB separation
Just over two minutes after liftoff, the twin solid rocket boosters are burned out and separate from the space shuttle to fall into the Atlantic Ocean as seen from cockpit camera.
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Flashes of launch
The onboard camera shows flashes of light coming through the Discovery's crew cabin windows during the nighttime launch.
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Debris scraps launch
NASA Launch Director Mike Leinbach announces that Discovery's countdown would be scrubbed on Oct. 10 because of a piece of debris on the shuttle.
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The pin
NASA Shuttle Program Manager Ron Dittemore describes the "pip pin" and why the launch of Discovery had to be postponed.
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Onward to pad
The seven Discovery astronauts depart their quarters and head for the launch pad for the first time on Oct. 10.
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Bolt delays launch
Jim Halsell, NASA's director of shuttle operations at the Kennedy Space Center, explains a concern with a fuel tank bolt caused of the first launch delay.
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Mission preview
Payload bay tour
Take a guided tour through Discovery's payload bay and see the space station cargo being carried aloft in this NASA animation. Lead Flight Director Chuck Shaw narrates.
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Docking with station
NASA animation shows Discovery approaching and docking to the international space station during the STS-92 mission.
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Z1 truss animation
Animation shows how the Z1 truss structure will be maneuvered out of Discovery's payload bay and attached to the space station.
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Docking port added
The Pressurized Mating Adapter 3 docking port is lifted from Discovery's payload bay and attached to the space station in this animation.
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