Spaceflight Now: STS-92 Mission Report


November 3, 2000 -- Follow the mission of space shuttle Discovery as its crew continues construction of the international space station. Reload this page for the very latest on the mission.

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Ground track
See the path Discovery followed during its homecoming in our STS-92 Landing Tracker.

EAFB Orbit 202 - touchdown in California at 2059 GMT.

Video vault
Space shuttle Discovery touches down on Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base in California to conclude its highly successful mission.
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Commander Brian Duffy pilots shuttle Discovery along the Heading Alignment Cylinder -- an imaginary circle -- to align with Runway 22.
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A camera positioned on the north side of Runway 22 provides a dramatic view of space shuttle Discovery's landing.
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Spaceflight Now's William Harwood interviews the astronauts orbiting 240 miles above Earth aboard space shuttle Discovery.
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Discovery undocks from the space station after a week-long visit that added the Z1 truss structure and a new docking port to the orbiting outpost.
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Spacewalker Jeff Wisoff tests the Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue, or SAFER, jet backpack in space shuttle Discovery's payload bay. He flies toward the video camera in darkness.
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Spacewalker Mike Lopez-Alegria takes his turn flying the SAFER jet backpack in Discovery's payload bay. He flies toward the camera in daylight.
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The demonstration test of the SAFER jet backpack provided dramatic views of the astronauts flying around in space with the international space station and Earth as picturesque backdrops.
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