Hot Bird 6 to join Eutelsat's premium entertainment fleet
Posted: August 17, 2002

  Hot Bird 6
The Hot Bird 6 satellite is encapsulated in the Atlas 5 rocket's nose cone in preparation for launch. Photo: International Launch Services
Offering a total of 32 transponders (28 Ku-band, 4 Ka-band) and eight SKYPLEX units for on-board multiplexing, Hot Bird 6 will deliver digital television and radio channels to satellite and cable homes in Europe, North Africa and large parts of the Middle East, reinforcing one of the largest broadcasting systems in the world.

Eutelsat's leading market position at 13 degrees East comprises five satellites in geostationary orbit with a combined capacity of 100 transponders, and broadcasting more than 650 TV channels to 92.8 million homes.

Hot Bird 6 replaces Hot Bird 5, liberating capacity for future missions and also freeing capacity on Hit Bird 4 that will be re-assigned, thereby enabling the 13 degrees East satellite cluster to reach out beyond Europe and the Mediterranean.

Ka-band and SKYPLEX
For the first time on a Eutelsat satellite, Hot Bird 6 provides four channels in the higher Ka-band frequencies for the delivery of fully interactive IP and DVB services to small businesses and content providers. Also featuring four dedicated SKYPLEX digital multiplexing units, Hot Bird 6 offers the first commercial service in Europe combining on-board multiplexing and Ka-band with a unique degree of operational flexibility. This opens opportunities for meshed data networks using small, low-cost terminals for companies, national and local administrations.

Combined with SKYPLEX, video broadcasting of "micro-broadcasting" is possible with small uplink terminals (90 cm).

Private contribution links also become an alternative for local TV studios wishing to avoid using digital platform services. This underlines Eutelsat's strategy of facilitating providers and for companies seeking economic multicasting systems.

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