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Atlas rocket lifts off
The Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket launches the Japanese Superbird 6 communications spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, Florida. (3min 09sec file)
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Payload deployed
The Japanese Superbird 6 communications spacecraft is successfully deployed from the Centaur upper stage to complete the launch. (57sec file)
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Celebrating success
Officials make celebratory speeches following the launch of Superbird 6 aboard the Atlas rocket. (3min 34sec file)
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Launch animation
Preview the launch of Lockheed Martin's Atlas 2AS rocket carrying the Superbird 6 communications satellite with this narrated animation package. (2min 51sec file)
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Superbird animation
This animation shows the Japanese Superbird 6 spacecraft manuevering itself into geostationary orbit and deploying its antennas and solar panels. (60sec file)
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The most recent Atlas
The Lockheed Martin Atlas 3A rocket launches in mid-March carrying the Mobile Broadcasting Satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida. (5min 04sec file)
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Atlas launch photos
Posted: April 16, 2004

The sun sets along Florida's east coast the countdown entered its final 90 minutes to launch of the Lockheed Martin Atlas rocket carrying the Superbird 6 satellite. Photo: Ben Cooper

The historic lighthouse at Cape Canaveral shines brightly. Photo: Ben Cooper

A time-lapse photo from Jetty Park captures the Atlas 2AS rocket's initial ascent from pad 36A. Photo: Ben Cooper