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Atlas launches Hispasat 1C

Posted: February 4, 2000

A Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket successfully launched the Spanish Hispasat 1C communications satellite into space on February 3 from Cape Canaveral Air Station. Images: Lockheed Martin TV/Spaceflight Now.

Ready to fly
The mobile service tower is rolled back at pad 36B about three hours prior to launch. Once retracted, the pad was cleared of workers so the rocket could be fueled.
Fueled up
Super-cold liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen cryogenics were pumped into the Atlas and Centaur stages during the final hours of the countdown, as seen by the streaming vapors.
Passenger on top
The Spanish Hispasat 1C spacecraft is tucked inside the 14-foot diameter payload fairing top the rocket.
Darkness falls
Nightfall approaches as the sun sets over Cape Canaveral Air Station. The launch window opened seven minutes after sunset.
The three liquid-fueled engines on the Atlas booster are ignited in the final two seconds of the countdown.
Away we go
The Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS vehicle, equipped with strap-on solid rocket boosters, lifts off from pad 36B at Cape Canaveral Air Station after a 20-minute delay.
Into the clouds
The Atlas rocket vanishes into a low cloud deck over Cape Canaveral moments after liftoff.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Atlas 2AS (AC-158)
Payload: Hispasat 1C
Launch date: Feb. 3, 2000
Launch window: 2310-0002 GMT (6:10-7:02 p.m. EST)
Launch site: SLC-36B, Cape Canaveral Air Station, Fla.

Video vault
The Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket lifts off with the Hispasat 1C communications satellite from Cape Canaveral.
  PLAY (281K, 32sec QuickTime file)

Launch Weather Officer Jim Sardonia gives the forecast for Thursday's Atlas rocket launch attempt.
  PLAY (594k, 1min 31sec QuickTime file)

An in-depth look at the Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket and Centaur upper stage that will launch Hispasat 1C.
  PLAY (431k, 1min 02sec QuickTime file)

Pre-launch briefing
Atlas 2AS vehicle data - Overview of the rocket that will launch Hispasat 1C into space.

Hispasat 1C - Description of the satellite to be launched on AC-158.

Launch timeline - Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch.

Launch windows - Available windows for future launch dates of AC-158.

Atlas index - Listing of our previous Atlas coverage.

Explore the Net
International Launch Services - Lockheed Martin-led consortium which globally markets the U.S. Atlas and Russian Proton rockets.

Lockheed Martin Astronautics - U.S. company which builds and launches the Atlas family of rockets.

Hispasat - Spanish company that will use Hispasat 1C for communications services between Europe and Americas.

Alcatel Space - European company that built the Hispasat 1C satellite.

3rd SLS - U.S. Air Force Space Launch Squadron responsible for the Atlas at Cape Canaveral.

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