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Vega countdown timeline
Posted: May 1, 2013

T-07:45:00 Start of Countdown
The final countdown begins with functional checks of the rocket.
T-05:40:00 Launcher Powered On
Systems on the Vega launcher are powered on for health checks.
T-05:30:00 Activation of Transmitters
The launcher's telemetry transmitters and inertial reference system are turned on.
T-04:55:00 Activation of computer
The Vega rocket's on-board computer is turned on for loading of the flight program.
T-04:25:00 Synchronization of clock
The launcher's on-board clock is synchronized with Universal Time (UTC).
T-04:20:00 Inertial Platform Alignment
The 98-foot-tall rocket's inertial navigation platform is aligned for flight.
T-02:40:00 Gantry Rollback
The mobile service gantry, which stands 16 stories tall, is retracted about 260 feet away from the Vega rocket at the ZLV launch complex at the Guiana Space Center. The retraction takes about 45 minutes to complete.
T-01:20:00 Transmitters Activated
The rocket's telemetry transmitters and transponders are activated again after the rollback of the launch pad gantry.
T-00:34:00 Ready for Final Countdown
Engineers conduct another check of Vega's systems before the beginning of the computer-controlled synchronized sequence.
T-00:10:00 Last Weather Check
The launch team receives the last weather report before liftoff
T-00:04:00 Start of Synchronized Sequence
Computers assume command of the countdown in the final minutes, making thousands of checks to ensure all systems are ready for liftoff.
T-00:00:00 Ignition
Ignition of the Vega's solid-fueled P80 first stage motor, followed by liftoff 0.3 seconds later.

Data source: Arianespace