Titan 4B launch timeline
Posted: August 18, 2003

Data source: U.S. Air Force.

T+0:00:00 Liftoff
The twin Solid Rocket Motor Upgrade (SRMU) boosters are ignited and the Titan 4B rocket launches from Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
T+0:02:11 Stage 1 Ignition
The Titan 4B rocket's core vehicle stage 1 engine package -- the Aerojet LR87-AJ-11 -- is ignited. The liquid-propellant powerplant burns Aerozine-50 fuel and nitrogen tetroxide oxidizer.
T+0:02:26 SRMU Separation
Having consumed all their solid-propellant, the two Alliant Techsystems-built solid rocket boosters are jettisoned to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.
T+0:03:30 Jettison Payload Fairing
The 86-foot long tri-sector payload fairing buit by Boeing that protected the classified satellite cargo during launch is separated once heating levels drop to predetermined limits.
T+0:05:23 Staging of Titan Core
The first stage engine shuts down and the second stage Aerojet LR91-AJ-11 engine is ignited. The spent first stage is jettisoned from the rest of the space-bound rocket a moment after the second stage is started.
T+0:09:19 Stage 2 Shutdown
The liquid-fueled second stage engine completes its firing and begins a momentary coast period before deployment of the upper stage and classified payload.
T+0:09:28 Titan/Centaur Separation
The Lockheed Martin-built Centaur upper stage is released from the Titan rocket's core vehicle, which has completed its role in the launch.
T+0:09:49 Centaur Burn 1
The liquid-fueled Centaur stage is ignited for the first of three firings needed to deliver the classified payload into the desired orbit.
T+0:12:00 Centaur Cutoff 1
The Centaur completes its first burn. The specific orbital details of the launch are classified.
T+0:21:52 Centaur Burn 2
After a coast period through space, the Centaur stage is restarted for the second of its three planned firings.
T+0:27:05 Centaur Cutoff 2
The Centaur engines are shut down following the firing. Again, the orbit targeted at the completion of this burn is not available.
T+5:39:xx Centaur Burn 3
Following a lengthy coast, the Centaur engines are again reignited to propel the classified cargo into the desired deployment orbit.
T+5:41:xx Centaur Cutoff 3
Shut down of the Centaur engines occur to complete the powered phase of this launch. The stage now prepares to release the satellite. Centaur will later perform a collision avoidance maneuver, propellant blowdown and hydrazine depletion after spacecraft separation.
T+5:49:xx Spacecraft Separation
The secret payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office is deployed into space from the Centaur upper stage to complete the Titan B-36 launch.