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Follow the progress of the Expedition Two crew's stay aboard the international space station as well as the STS-100 flight of space shuttle Endeavour. Reload this page for the very latest.

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Spacewalking Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield unfolds the Canadarm 2 space station robot arm from its craddle.
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Scott Parazynski deploys a UHF antenna on the exterior of the Destiny laboratory module during the first spacewalk of the mission.
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Endeavour docks with the International Space Station at 9:59 a.m. EDT as seen live of NASA TV in sequential still video.
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A narrated summary of what lies ahead for the crew of space shuttle Endeavour on mission STS-100.
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Space shuttle Endeavour's lift off from the Kennedy Space Center as broadcast live on NASA TV.
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NASA's narrated crew activity report for Flight Day One covers Endeavour's countdown and launch from the Kennedy Space Center.
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The scene inside Endeavour's cockpit from liftoff through to separation of the twin solid rocket boosters.
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Camera 161, located on the launch pad tower, clearly shows the "twang" that occurs as the main engines ignite flexing the entire vehicle.
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A powerful tracking camera located near the beach at launch pad 39A shows the beginning of Endeavour's trip to space.
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Perched atop pad 39A's water tower, Camera 060 provides a shaking view of shuttle Endeavour's departure from planet Earth.
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Endeavour's liftoff is seen from the west at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility runway.
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Views of Thursday's countdown:

Cockpit camera shows flight deck crew

Hadfield offers birthday message

Ashby helps Parazynski before boarding Endeavour

Camera in cockpit shows Rominger strapping in

Crew take elevator up to Endeavour

Astronauts arrive at the launch pad

Endeavour on pad 39A

Astronauts depart Crew Quarters

Parazynski holds up sign with message

Close up view of external tank/shuttle umbilicals

Astronauts have pre-flight lunch

Final Inspection Team dwarfed by shuttle on pad

Ice team near solid rocket boosters

Status summary