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STS-100 Entry Timeline
Updated: May 1, 2001

The deorbit timeline on any space shuttle mission begins four hours before the rocket firing that drops the ship out of orbit. This is known as "TIG (time of ignition) minus four hours." The actual start of the deorbit timeline, however, can vary by several minutes depending on the crew's schedule. The start of deorbit operations as listed in the chart below may by out of synch with NASA's official timeline by a few minutes either way.

Change history:

03/29: Posting initial STS-100 entry timeline
04/20: Updating landing time
04/28: Posting landing data for May 1, 2 and 3
05/01: Updating (NOTE: NASA's dV and dT values are the same for all four opportunities. This is presumably in error)
05/01: Updating to include latest dV and dT for rev. 186 to Edwards

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Status Summary

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