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Progress M1-4 Redocking Timeline
Posted: December 20, 2000

The Progress M1-4 cargo vehicle is scheduled to redock with the international space station at 6:02 a.m. EST (1102 GMT) on December 26. The unmanned cargo ship, launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome November 16, was undocked from the station December 1 to make way for the arrival of the space shuttle Endeavour the next day. It is being redocked to test a software patch designed to correct an automatic guidance system problem experienced during the craft's initial docking attempt Nov. 18. Assuming the software fix works, the KURS automatic guidance system will bring the Progress vehicle to a station-keeping point a little more than 600 feet (200 meters) from the station. From there, Soyuz pilot Yuri Gidzenko will remotely pilot the vehicle to docking using the manual TORU system in the Zvezda command module.

ACRONYMS: AOS (acquisition of signal); LOS (loss of signal); see the ISS ground stations chart for details about Russian stations listed in the chart below (DJS, USK, SHK).

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