Spaceflight Now: Space Station/STS-98

NASA Spacewalk Statistics
Updated: February 15, 2001

The following spacewalk statistics were compiled from NASA sources and news archives. Times are given in hours (HH) and minutes (MM). Total crew hours are listed by program, i.e., a seven-hour spacewalk by two astronauts is listed as 14 crew hours.

NASA computes spacewalk time based solely on the duration of the extra-vehicular activity, or EVA. The official NASA total (through STS-98) is 371 hours and 54 minutes. Corrections and suggestions welcome!

Change history:

02/06: Correcting total number of U.S. spacewalks
02/10: Updating with first STS-98 spacewalk
02/10: Fixing typo; STS-61 sted 61C
02/12: Updating with second STS-98 spacewalk
02/15: Updating with third STS-98 spacewalk

Download a PDF file listing all U.S. spacewalks as of 02/10/01.
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