Spaceflight Now: Space Station/STS-98

STS-98 EVA-1 Timeline
Updated: February 10, 2001

Shuttle mission STS-98 features three spacewalks, or EVAs, to attach the U.S. laboratory module, Destiny, to the international space station, to connect critical umbilicals, to reposition the PMA-2 shuttle docking port and to perform a variety of "get-ahead" tasks for upcoming assembly flights. The following timeline for EVA-1 lists spacewalk preparations in mission elapsed time (MET, measured in days, hours and minutes from launch) until airlock egress. At that point, the timeline switches to PET, that is, spacewalk elapsed time, in hours and minutes. Shuttle robot arm activities (RMS) are included where warranted. Timelines also are available for EVA-2 and EVA-3.

ACRONYMS: PMA-2 (pressurized mating adapter No. 2); Z1 (Z1 structural truss; attached to the Unity module's zenith port); P6 (main U.S. solar arrays; attached to Z1 truss); EETCS (early external thermal control system; part of P6 truss); STB (starboard) LTA (launch to activation); CIDs (circuit interrupt devices); SGANT (space-to-ground Ku-band dish antenna); SASA (S-band antenna support assembly); PCBM (passive common berthing mechanism); PCA (pressure control assembly); ACBM (active common berthing mechanism); PDGF (power data grapple fixture); VSC (video signal converter); PAD (portable foot restraint attachment device).

Changes and additions:

01/12: Posting initial EVA-1 timeline
01/15: Updating to reflect launch delay to February 6
01/17: Updating based on latest launch time projection
02/10: Updating with latest flight plan data
02/10: Updating with actual start of EVA

EVA-1 timeline