Spaceflight Now

STS-115 Launch Windows
Updated: Sept. 7, 2006

Changes and additions:
- July 20: Posting initial windows chart
- July 28: Adding Aug. 26/27 windows
- Aug. 4: Updating 8/27 launch window; adding scrub/turnaround options
- Aug. 22: Updating throughout
- Aug. 30: Updating throughout
- Sept. 7: Updating to reflect possible Sept. 8 launch

Atlantis' launch window is based on the international space station's orbit, the angle between the sun and the plane of the station's orbit and lighting conditions for photo documentation of the ship's external tank and heat shield. Based on those factors, the launch window extends from Aug. 27 through Sept. 13. But any launch past Sept. 8 would put the shuttle in conflict with launch of a Russian Soyuz capsule carrying the station's next full-time crew.

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