Spaceflight Now STS-107

STS-107 Quick-Look Mission Facts and Figures
Updated: January 24, 2003

The following chart is intended to serve as the front side of a convenient one-page "mission at a glance" data sheet. The back side can be found here. The PDF versions of both pages are formatted to print on a single page.

To make a one-page, front-and-back copy, download and print both pdf files. Run the front side through a copier and then reload the copy in the copier's paper tray "upside down." Put the second pdf copy on the copier and print. You should end up with a nifty one-page front-and-back mission "cheat sheet."

Download a PDF version of the quick-look data sheet.

Change History:

01/09/03: Posting initial STS-107 release
01/15/03: Updating with planned launch time
01/17/03: Updating landing time; crew time in space
01/22/03: Updating deorbit, landing times
01/24/03: Updating deorbit, landing times