Spaceflight Now: STS-103 Mission Report
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Launch day for Discovery

Posted: December 20, 1999

NASA launches the final space shuttle flight of 1999, Discovery's much delayed mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Ready to go
Space shuttle Discovery stands fully fueled on launch pad 39B.
Discovery's seven astronauts enjoy lunch before putting on their pressure suits and heading for the launch pad.
Leaving crew quarters
Discovery's crew departs the crew quarters at the Kennedy Space Center for the short bus ride to launch pad 39B.
Discovery begins its 27th mission to space with an evening liftoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Night becomes day
Discovery makes a spectacular light show for Central Florida following liftoff at 7:50:00:69 p.m. EST.
On its way
The space shuttle takes just seconds to to clear the 380-foot tall fixed service structure at launch pad 39B.
Reflecting liftoff
Water around the oceanside launch pad 39B reflect the flame from Discovery's solid rocket boosters.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Discovery (OV-103)
Payload: HST Servicing Mission-3A
Launch date: Dec. 20, 1999
Launch window: 0050-0132 GMT (1950-2032 EST Dec. 19)
Launch site: LC-39B, Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
Landing date: Dec. 27, 1999
Landing time: 2224 GMT (1724 EST)
Landing site: SLF, Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Video vault
Space shuttle Discovery launches on STS-103 for the third mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.
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Discovery's solid rocket boosters peel away from the shuttle's external fuel tank just over two minutes into flight.
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The STS-103 crew depart their crew quarters on Sunday afternoon headed for launch pad 39B.
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NASA Launch Director Dave King announces that the first launch attempt on Friday was scrubbed because of bad weather.
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