Spaceflight Now: Orbiter Overhaul
Columbia VR
Step aboard the space shuttle Columbia for a virtual reality tour of the spaceship midway through its maintenance and modification period. The QuickTime plugin is required to view these virtual reality files.
Columbia's flight deck has been gutted in readiness for the installation of a state-of-the-art glass cockpit this summer. Note the mass of wiring behind the aft station.
   STEP ABOARD (335k file)
Downstairs in the Columbia's middeck, the internal airlock dominates the scene. The forward lockers have been removed to reveal the avionics bays.
   STEP ABOARD (389k file)
In the payload bay, thermal insulation blankets have been stripped away and the radiators removed for upgrades. Much of the wiring has been exposed for detailed inspections.
   STEP ABOARD (386k file)
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Spaceship dry-docked

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Mired in wire

21st century cockpit

Midlife makeover

The Columbia weight loss plan

Finishing the job

Flying into the future

Birthplace of the shuttle
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QuickTime VR
Board the space shuttle Columbia with Apple's QuickTime VR technology. For more information about QuickTime visit the Apple web site or click the button below to download the latest version of this free software for Windows PCs or Macs.
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