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Rocket: Zenit 3SL
Payload: XM 4
Date: Oct. 30, 2006
Window: 2349-0047 GMT (6:49-7:47 p.m. EST)
Site: Equator, 154° West, Pacific Ocean
Broadcast: AMC 3, Transponder 18, Ku-band, Digital, 87° West

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Exploration update
A progress report on development of the Orion crew exploration spacecraft and the Ares launch vehicle is given during this briefing held October 18 at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.


MRO early images
Some of the initial pictures and data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter since the craft entered its mapping orbit around the Red Planet are presented in this news briefing held October 16 from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Mars rover seen by orbiter
Dazzling images from Mars are revealed by scientists. The robotic rover Opportunity has reached the massive Victoria crater with its steep cliffs and layers of rock exposing the planet's geologic history. Meanwhile, the new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has photographed the rover and its surroundings from high above.


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Follow the countdown and flight of the Sea Launch Zenit 3SL rocket with a broadcasting craft for XM Satellite Radio. Reload this page for the latest on the mission.