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Zenit 3SL launch timeline
Posted: January 31, 2013

T+00:05 Liftoff
The Zenit 3SL rocket lifts off from the Odyssey launch platform on thw power of its RD-171 main engine.
T+01:07 Max-Q
The 200-foot-tall rocket passes through the phase of flight with the most aerodynamic pressure on the vehicle.
T+1:56 Maximum acceleration
The Zenit 3SL rocket reaches 3.9g, the point of peak acceleration during its flight.
T+02:30 First stage separation
The Zenit 3SL's first stage completes its role in the launch and separates at an altitude of 43 miles. The second stage's RD-120 engine ignites to generate 200,000 pounds of thrust.
T+03:52 Fairing jettison
The clamshell-like 13.4-foot-diameter payload fairing surrounding the Intelsat 27 satellite is released at an altitude of 73 miles.
T+08:31 Second stage separation
After consuming its kerosene and liquid oxygen propellant, the Zenit 3SL's second stage shuts down and separates, leaving the Block DM-SL upper stage to complete the mission.
T+08:41 Block DM-SL ignition
The Block DM-SL upper stage fires for its 11-minute, 39-second burn to inject the Intelsat 27 satellite into geosynchronous transfer orbit.
T+20:20 Injection
The Block DM-SL upper stage and the Intelsat 27 spacecraft reach an orbit with an apogee of 22,027 miles, a perigee of 121 miles, and an inclination of 0 degrees.
T+30:10 Spacecraft separation
The Intelsat 27 satellite separates from the Block DM-SL upper stage.

Data source: Sea Launch